A Quick Break by the Holy Ghost!

The next blog "The Consuming Fire" will release as the Most High leads.

I really got stuck and realized there was no blog for today.

This is significant because the last blogs were written so effortlessly and one right after another.

So, I say He speaks I will release!

If you haven't read the last blogs..check out the heat! 

The Fire Experience

Are You Dead Yet?

His Beauty, My Ashes

myworldBYme Part 1

myworldBYme Part 2

Until next time!!! Stay in the fire! #fanningtheflame

"myworldBYme" PART 2

the action of deceiving someone. "obtaining property by deception"
a thing that deceives. "a range of elaborate deceptions"
The Bible says this concerning it.

Revelation 12:9King James Version (KJV)9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. That means he started out deceiving and he continues to deceive.  So if this is the case, how do we overcome?  See, the personal of Zoey Oliver was a deception.  I created what I wanted not only in my writing but in who I chose to be at different times.  
When I wanted to rant and rave, talk dirty, curse, etc. - I used the Zoey Oliver page.  I said that I could be "free" but really it was just that I could allow my flesh to be free.  Free to sin willfully with a few good supporters who were looking for the same kind of support in their lifestyles.  There was no accou…

"myworldBYme" PART 1


I deleted the blog.  I deleted the Facebook page.  I didn't delete the email though. I thought, gotta go do that so, I did.

I logged back in to finally delete the email.  As I logged into the email, the Holy Spirit said, "Take notice to the password.  The password was 'myworldBYme'.  I said 'WOW'.  I was really into MYself.  I could have cried right then.

I was so out of the will of my Father man...Think about this too.  

What did Judas betray the Most High with?  
A KISS. INTERESTING RIGHT???????????? WHAT did I choose to represent this 'new life' of BETRAYAL to my LORD?! LIPS?! 

"MYworld."  SEE how the enemy gets us?!  NAH...IT WASN'T MY WORLD.  I was not thinking or hearing of my own, but of the master I served - the devil.  At this point, this season of my life (November 2014 - September 2017  THREE YEARS HA!!) I had taken it upon myself that it was my life and no one else was going to limit me.  No one els…

His Beauty, My Ashes

"Delete the page," I heard him say.

I hesitated for a minute; I'm thinking "I'm crazy right now."

Then I heard, "What are you afraid of?"

The voice was a little louder than my own thoughts.  It wasn't audible but somehow I knew that these thoughts weren't mine; they were louder and even the voice was different.

But anyway, I checked myself and realized that I really was afraid.  I was afraid to trust Yahweh to manifest His promises in my life because I had charged Him with letting me down so many times before.  Isn't that we do, ultimately right? We don't want to say it, but we do.  (I'll save that for another blog).

So I said quietly, "Nothing" but He knew.  I remember dropping to my knees at some point but after that He continued and told me that my gifts, my talents, my everything - all belonged to him.  He told me He wasn't concerned with what I wanted.  I had kept asking Him for trivial things, minute things; t…

Are You Dead Yet?

I was given the task to minister to a group of young ladies in October.  The title Yahweh gave me was - #aCall2Purity presents...

"Are You Dead Yet?" See...after that experience I understood that a large part of me was dead.  Sure, I was still living and breathing but there were things that I automatically died to.  We like to say,  "Well, we're going through a "process."  I say: "Show me that in the scripture?  Did Moses go through a 'process' to become holy and sent out?  Did Paul go through a 'process'? Jacob?"  While it's true that we grow from glory to glory, we've weakened this journey as a believer.  We don't want to admit that really we're just comfortable and don't want to let go.  

See.  He said that He's a consuming fire.  So when you're in His presence, REALLY in His presence, your flesh dies daily.  For example, after that experience, I didn't curse anymore.  I slipped up and cursed twice …

The Fire Experience

On a normal Wednesday night before Bible study, I stood in my kitchen talking to my companion about understanding that we were under a spiritual attack. 

All of a sudden, my body became hot.  I could not speak, much less stand.  I made my way from the the kitchen to the living room and I realized that I could not breathe.  I thought that I was dying and all I felt was heat.  I had a head wrap on, and I could feel beads of sweat form underneath it.  While shaking, I threw the wrap off my head and flung off my jacket as well.  As I panicked, I heard a stern quiet voice say, "Pray."

I begin to pray in tongues, thinking "I'm dying! I'm going to hell!"

As I began to pray, I could hear the voice continue.  That day I came face to face with my Creator.  Well.  Not really face to face...but I experienced the presence like I had never experienced before.  (Well, I kind of had, but forgot.  That will be another blog.)  Anyway...I heard his voice loudly.  As I continued …