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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Fire Experience

On a normal Wednesday night before Bible study, I stood in my kitchen talking to my companion about understanding that we were under a spiritual attack. 

All of a sudden, my body became hot.  I could not speak, much less stand.  I made my way from the the kitchen to the living room and I realized that I could not breathe.  I thought that I was dying and all I felt was heat.  I had a head wrap on, and I could feel beads of sweat form underneath it.  While shaking, I threw the wrap off my head and flung off my jacket as well.  As I panicked, I heard a stern quiet voice say, "Pray."

I begin to pray in tongues, thinking "I'm dying! I'm going to hell!"

As I began to pray, I could hear the voice continue.  That day I came face to face with my Creator.  Well.  Not really face to face...but I experienced the presence like I had never experienced before.  (Well, I kind of had, but forgot.  That will be another blog.)  Anyway...I heard his voice loudly.  As I continued to pray, the voice proceeded to tell me that I had failed thus far in fulfilling my mandate and that the blood of the young people would be on my hands.

I felt a pang in my stomach, as if a brick had dropped.  The voice (who I recognized as Father Yahweh) continued...lovingly, but sternly calling out my sins from the tongue ring I boldly chose to represent my divorce to the sexual sins (yes, sexual sins) and even the root of the curses I was under.

His voice wasn't condemning, but more so as a father chastens his daughter.  He continued to talk to me for several minutes.  A total of maybe forty minutes.  It will take this blog to describe the fullness of this day.  But that day, I died.

I laid myself right on the altar, on my knees, in my living room and gave "Yahweh" a "YES LORD."

I died to my will, to everything at that moment that did not or would not glorify Him.  I committed to using my talents to glorify the Kingdom.  I heard him tell me to delete the filthy blogs and writing I had previously written and that I was to write for Him.  So that's how this blog came about.'s way more than about me.  Way more.  

I'm on a mission.  The old me has truly given up the right to live the way I want to live.  

So I invite you in to this blog.  I invite you not just to read, but to pray and to receive the love, grace, mercy, blessings, and discipline of the Almighty Yahweh.  It has been three months nearly since that Wednesday, but the power of the Holy Spirit that fell on me will never, ever be a thing of the past.

Welcome to the new Zoë, and she has a lot to say because HE has a lot to speak! Join at the risk of death. :)  

Join me here next Friday 12/15/2017 for the next blog titled, "Are You Dead Yet?"

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