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Friday, March 23, 2018

aCall2Purity: "In Purity"

Wow.  Ok.  

So we're here..."In Purity."

The burning message inside of me and the finale to our study, #aCall2Purity.

*takes deep breath*

And this message is primarily late due to my desire to really be ready but in all honestly, I never am truly ready.  Anyway...I dare not play with my Father by not releasing this blog!  (Bear with me as I'm still trying to keep from running from this assignment! LOL)  Now being that this is the final part of this study, if you haven't read the first four- you can take a break from this one nowand read about being an example "In Word""In Conversation""In Love", and "In Faith"!  

If you're joining from the previous weeks and already caught up, let's go ahead and dig into it!

As always...let's begin with the study of the word in the context of this scripture. 

For 1 Timothy 4:12, Strong's references the Greek word ἁγνεία hagneía, hag-ni'-ah; from G53; cleanliness (the quality), i.e. (specially) chastity:—purity.  

This is also used again in 1 Timothy 5:2 when Timothy is talking to the church about men seeing young women as pure and again in Numbers 6:2, 21 when referring to the Nazarite vow.  Of course if we remember the account of Samson's life, he was to remain pure with no razor cutting his hair, and he could not eat and drink certain things.

In other words, from the top of his head to the sole of his feet had to be "pure."  This tells me using these verses that the scriptures are referring to the actual body being clean.  Yes, the body.  But before we look at what defiles the body, let's look at another reference. 

This word "hagneía" is a noun from the following word: 

ἁγνός hagnós, hag-nos'; from the same as G40; properly, clean, i.e. (figuratively) innocent, modest, perfect:—chaste, clean, pure.

Is anyone seeing this word "chaste"?  I mean, we can kind of understand what clean and pure means right?  But somehow, that can be a little misconstrued but this word chaste or chastity, I don't think we can twist that.

I looked at that word and said "hmmmm." So let's go to the different scriptures that also reference this word.

I found it three times.  2 Corinthians 11:2, Titus 2:5, and 1 Peter 3:2.

For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as chaste virgin to Christ.
To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. I hope that by now we see that to be pure in the biblical context and especially in our key scripture that it means to be sexually pure.  Now how did I jump there? definition the word chastity means to refrain from extramarital sex, i.e. sex that is outside of a wedding matrimony.

More than that, let's look at what the scriptures says about sex and cleanliness versus unclean.  We're going to 1 Corinthians 6:18-20.  The very first thing Paul instructs us to do is flee fornication and then he tells why:

Flee G5343 fornication. G4202 Every G3956 sin G265that G3739 G1437 a man G444 doeth G4160 is G2076 without G1622the body; G4983 but G1161 he that committeth fornication G4203 sinneth G264 against G1519 his own G2398body. G4983

Then he tells you who lives inside of our bodies!!

What? G2228 know ye G1492 not G3756 that G3754 your G5216
body G4983 is G2076 the temple G3485 of the Holy G40Ghost G4151 which is in G1722 you, G5213 which G3739 ye have G2192 of G575 God, G2316 and G2532 
ye are G2075not G3756 your own? G1438

THEN He tells you how your body isn't your own!

For G1063 ye are bought G59 with a price: G5092therefore G1211 glorify G1392 God G2316 in G1722 your G5216body, G4983 and G2532 in G1722 your G5216 spirit, G4151which G3748 are G2076 God's. G2316

So in other words, you cannot do what you want to do with your body.  In this scripture Paul is strictly telling Timothy to be in an example in all things and especially the area of sexual purity.  This is one the topics we shy away from.  We like to talk about sex in the context of perversion and most people are very bold in doing that.

However, because pre-marital and extramarital sex have become so accepted in our culture, it is now the chaste woman who is judged because the Most High has her heart and her body.

When I was writing the devotional for "Let's Talk About Sex", the Father broke down to me that pre-marital sex was indeed spiritual adultery.  How?  Because we are in covenant with Him.  He has paid a price for our bodies and until a new covenant (between man and woman) is established - we are to honor our bodies by keeping them pure.  Since this is the heaviest of my testimony, I cannot possibly go into the entire history of my personal call to purity here in this blog; however I believe that the Holy Ghost will be guiding me to release these writings and videos very soon (hence my hesitation for this blog, lol). 

Just as walking in every other example is important, it is equally important and detrimental that we cry out to our Father for a repentant heart for the perversions we've walked in.  It is not okay.  Just as not walking in love isn't acceptable, and foul language isn't acceptable, and bad conduct isn't acceptable, and a lack of faith isn't acceptable - my brothers and sisters, friends, family and foes - it is equally important that we realize that sexual sins are not acceptable.

As I've walked this journey out and am now currently walking it out - I can say that grace will forever and a day keep you.  I can give you countless testimonies again because my purity journey actually began even as a young girl - after I had lost my virginity.  I didn't realize that my Father was calling me time after time to a chaste lifestyle.  Because of this, I can't really count on my hands how many times I've gotten up and fallen down. 

The enemy has tried to convinced me several times that I can do what I want to do in this area and he has (seemingly) defeated me in different seasons of my rebellion - BUT FATHER YAHWEH!!! Well...What's different this time?  The encounter with Him, "The Fire Experience".  Now, why did it take me trying his grace and patience so many times?  I don't know.  Probably the same reason you're trying it if you're still insisting on having your way.

But I warn you.  This blog will serve notice to you that it's time for a true experience with the Holy Spirit in the area of sexual sin.  The consequences of sexual sin are indeed destroying our community and I for one have experienced probably every single consequence that you can imagine because I've done probably everything that you can imagine (or at least almost done).

So who better than a "me" to stand before you...or write before you, lol, on the power of our Father's saving and keeping grace.  It's a sacrifice.  Yes.  But as the scriptures say in Romans 12:1 - I beg this of you!!!

I beseech G3870 you G5209 therefore, G3767 brethren, G80by G1223 the mercies G3628 of God, G2316 that ye present G3936 your G5216 bodies G4983 a living G2198sacrifice, G2378 holy, G40 acceptable G2101 unto God, G2316which is your G5216 reasonable G3050 service. G2999

I beg you, again, to give your body entirely to our Savior but more than anything, give your sexual appetite to the Father.  We like to justify this and say that there is no sin greater than the other but see consequences of the sins of sexual sin are!  Because as Paul says, no other sin do you commit with your body except for sexual sin.  You sin completely against the covenant of the precious blood that Yeshua bled for you.  

This topic is going to get intense.  It's going to get transparent.  It's going to get real.  And we're going to get set free.  

I pray for everyone reading this - that our Father gives you the wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him and His purpose for your life.  I pray that you receive a word of wisdom on the dangers of sexual sin and that you receive a measure of faith to believe for and desire purity.  I pray that you will make the decision to trust Him with your heart and with your body and that He will magnify Himself so great and mighty in your life; that you will experience Him like never, ever before.  I pray that you would receive the Father's love and have a burning desire to experience His presence over your life; that you may know the heart that He has for you and how deeply the consequences of sexual sin grieve His heart for you.  In the name of Yeshua, I pray in faith, Amen.

I feel such a burden, even as I type because I can remember when I was at a breaking point and I feel that those that will read this will be at that same point; so tired of the same cycles knowing all along that we are out of Yahweh's order for our lives.  I know I was trying to justify it with a fear of losing my man or the excuse that people don't wait to have sex anymore.

And finally one day He said to me, "I will honor every decision that you make that honors me!"

Oh, beloved if you only knew how the enemy has robbed us year after year with counterfeit love!  But today can be a new day, if you want it to be!  I challenge you to simply trust our Father.  He loves me no more than He loves you!  I am a living witness that He has kept, has blessed, and is still keeping and blessing me!!  I look forward to doing this "dirty laundry" with you guys only for the sake of being used to draw you to the Father Yahweh that I have come to know.  He's waiting on you!  :)

If you're looking for a new beginning, I invite you to check out "Healing the Heart, Restoring the Soul" , a 21 day devotional for those that have had sex and are interested in beginning or re-starting their commitment to purity.  Let this day be a new day! I am praying for you!!!

#zoedeespeaks #aCall2Purity

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