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Friday, April 27, 2018

#aCall2Purity & "Most High" *Update*

Wow... I don't even know where to start honestly. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀😍😍😍😍😍😍

The last two weeks have been so eventful...I mean OMG...I just wouldn't trade it for nothing (I know that's grammatically incorrect but aye..*shoulder shrug*)  Man when I say, my Father has been blowing my mind at the ease of this thing.  No straining...He's blessing this project with all types of provision.  A huge shout out to all the sponsored donations and  motivators!  Any part you played in this project's beginning I believe is recorded in heaven!  #KingdomBusiness Everything we need is there when we need it.  I just don't know what else to lemme stop rambling and get to the good stuff. LOL..

Where do I start?  Ok...the last blog talked about the trailer right?  So the trailer will be released (kinda) with the pre-order date which is officially Tuesday (May 1) but for yoooooouuuuuu guys TODAY with the release of this blog! :) YEP.  For the faithful few that stick with me, you'll be able to pre-order your copy at a specialized
price right here on this page, just click here!  

Update: ALSO, as a huge thank you, each customer that pre-orders will receive a free PDF of the promotional copy! :) Happy, happy reading!!!

The significance of this date is that it is the exact same date that "Let's Talk About Sex" was released for pre-order.  I am amazed that four years later, through many tests and trials, my Father has not abandoned me nor changed His mind about the call on my life!

This project means so much to me because I know the vision laid before us for it.  I pray He receives all of the glory and we wreck complete havoc and vengeance on the enemy's camp!  I've received the draft of the trailer and "EittaBug Productions" has a quality like no other!  I had some BOMB people working with me so I wanna take the time to give a few shout outs.

Videographer & Editor: EittaBug Productions by Laeitta Wade 
Cast: Dulli (Boyfriend), Toni Chevelle (Mother), and myself as both women 
MUA: Mesia Leshell
Style Assistant: Zy Lee of "Gifted Touch"
Music: "Clean Cut" by Kepa Ruffin & Dulli
Merchandise: "Anything Has No Limits" by GrindSum (Kieth Lewis)    

There is a lot of talent in my area and I hope to be able to be able to help showcase them as we continue these projects.  Much of this was done with only two or three test runs, no former practices.  Toni Chevelle is not just an actress, but a writer and budding motivational speaker!  Dulli is an artist and performer, who's music you'll have a chance to hear during the trailer! He, like Toni Chevelle was ready for the camera but of course not without a few bloopers! LOL What a fun experience that was!
As you can see, or as I hope you can see, there are so many emotions all over the place here.  I pray and believe that it will visually depict the struggle between flesh and spirit, when we refuse to surrender.  Alright...those are all the spoilers on that one! LOL

Next.  Since I was a little girl, I always have written - songs, plays, poems, etc.  I was never too confident but my step-father encouraged me a lot.  I kept writing, especially through the tough seasons of my life but even sometimes in the joyous seasons.  

More than writing, I love to worship.  I have said for many, many years now that I would write a song.  Because I never had the confidence in my voice, I told myself that I would write it and sell it.  Well...a few months ago, just playing around, the Holy Spirit and I teamed up and wrote a worship song.  I was irritated at this challenge going around on Facebook about what everyone would do for sex challenge.  Then, I saw a guy *insert smirk* do a challenge and he said, "I'm gone do it for the Most High."  I was like "Clutch!"  I wanted to "do it for the Most High" too! LOL But I definitely wasn't about to go live right?! Right?!So we wrote this song, "Most High" and it just stuck.  The beat stuck.  The words stuck.  Like for months, everything just stuck!  Sooooo... I teamed up with a few young girls for practice and the next thing I knew - we were in a recording studio! (aaaaaahhhhh)  And because well, the Father doesn't like to do anything half stepping, it's not only officially recorded but also officially submitted to all the major digital platforms.  *SCREAMS*  Our first single. Here's what we do for the Most High!!! :) So check it out! :)  Here are a few links to help you!  

OOOOH! BUT WAIT! Huge shout out not only to the young ladies on the track but one of the hottest producers out of my area Mr. BJ "Torch" McClure (Northgate Productions).  I also have to shout out my manager and publisher, Mr. Dulli! (I know...he's kind of a jack of all trades here! LOL) We also had a smooth recording and engineering session with Fargo and Bizzle (Upper Echelon) with a 24 hour turn around! 

Most High - Google Play
Most High - Spotify

And the cover art for both the book and single were done by me and the Holy Ghost! He's all we need! :) He makes things happen! :) :) :) 

Until next time y'all! #zoedeespeaks #acall2purity

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