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Friday, June 15, 2018


I remember being at a business training a few years back...probably about three years to date to be exact.  I listened to the testimonies of all the people who went from poverty to a lifestyle that they only dreamed of.  Lavish four and five star vacations, homeschooling their children, eating at the best restaurants, giving massive amounts of money to society, and the list goes on and on.  They were truly living full time.  Young and old.  And the thought overwhelmed me so.  
I ran out of the stadium and into the nearest bathroom, which thankfully for me, was a family restroom.  I locked the door, and bowed to the floor.  You want this for "me."  I thought.  "ME? What did I do to deserve this?"  I'm just a lil' country girl from the Delta, one of the poorest areas in the country!

But see, months earlier I'd had a life "shift" if you will....I faced death again and I wasn't really at a good place with God.  But I knew one thing, I had committed to another life - one that was free and one that would celebrate the life I envisioned for years.  Oh, I'd imagined this before.  But my dreams of traveling the world, speaking to youth and women, while homeschooling my children died with every other dream.  

The problem was -  I didn't realize that the vision came from the Most High alone.  The vision that I had for my life, it didn't just appear!  It was from HIM!!!  So...

Fast forward three years later and this passion to live really won't leave me alone.   And now, over the last few weeks I've experienced a lot of favor.  I mean.  I can't even fully describe the feelings of the purity of breath I've inhaled!  And as the favor increases, it blows my mind that God really doesn't mind me having a little som'som.  Ya know?!

Then it got me thinking...Isn't it sad how the culture has almost convinced us that if we're Christians that means we should be satisfied with just whatever life gives us?  But the way my Father has been blessing me - it's been the best of the best.  And I haven't been able to give glory to no one BUT HIM!!!  It's not been the "bare minimum" - it's been "Oh God I didn't know it was this good" type of favor.

And you know what that does?  It makes me crave for more.  It makes me take the limits off of Him.  It disrupts my carnal, impoverished subconscious thoughts.  It makes me feel like the prodigal's son who realized that while he was out begging - he coulda been eating like a king at his father's house.  

Then, the Lord said something.  He said, "I've given you permission to ask."  And because of that, lately an old prophecy keeps ringing in my ear; reminding me that He has created me to be a racehorse and that there would come a time in my life where the tent pegs were loosened and I would be free to run.   I would be free to exercise this crazy faith.  This faith that puts a demand on God's word and refuses to believe anything besides that.  This faith that makes a demand on abundance!  This faith that rejoices when it seems like my God isn't supplying my needs.  

I don't think I still have wrapped my mind completely around it but I tell you, He keeps showing up.  He keeps making a way.  He keeps going above what I expect.  I wonder why.  Why would the creator of the universe care that I enjoy life to the extent that He does?  Just that question alone makes me smile.  He's my Father.  He's the King of Kings!!! The EARTH is His!  Why WOULDN'T I have access?

So though this blog is not bombarded with scripture after scripture, I challenge you personally to search the scriptures and find the promises of abundance.  Find the promises of provision.  Find the promises of Him being a Father to us.  I dare you to believe.  I dare you to ask.  I dare you to desire the abundant life.

I'll start you off with the first scripture. :) 

The "#zoëlife" scripture: John 10:10  The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

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