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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sexually Wise is FREE :)

In preparation for the new release, "40 Days to Freedom" ( a devotional journal) I am uber excited (yes UBER EXCITED) to launch thirteen full days of promo starting with this title, "Sexually Wise."  This title was given to me as I was studying Proverbs one day but the message itself was given to me years ago.  Like everything else I've done, I ran from this message too.  See, I thought, "Why would people hear this."  But now, it's all about obedience.  And in this season, I have to walk in obedience because I desire to see the will of my Father manifest on this Earth.  So what is this "Sexually Wise"?  Essentially it's a weapon against the lies I heard growing up concerning men.  From "Men will be men," to "All men cheat, it doesn't mean that they don't love you," and more.  And while I believe that a man can love you and cheat on you, I do not believe this should be accepted.  So where did this journey ultimately begin?  Years ago at my kitchen table when I asked God, 'WHY." I ended up in Proverbs 5, 6, and 7 and studied these chapters in detail.  There I was looking at the key answer to not just MY problem, but the problem of most women I'd encountered! 

First, the Word showed me that a man that commits adultery lacked wisdom.  He began to unfold to me through scripture how the "strange" and "adulterous" woman would be death to men.  He began to show me that he instructed men to embrace the wife of their youth.  He not only showed me that - but showed how he warned men with what to look for!  I was intrigued.  Honestly, so here I am years later - back on assignment - *sigh* relaying the message that men can indeed live pure lifestyles.  So here, for a limited time (literally February 1 - 3), the KINDLE edition of this title will be FREE.                                                                                                                                                                         
This is the thing: I know that the world is about to go completely nuts with "love" this and "love" that this month.  In it, most men will be drawn away by seducing spirits, spirits of adultery, etc. in the "spirit" of having someone, if only for a moment. 
So this is my part.  This is my warfare; I am declaring that men will be set free this month from addictions of sex, porn, bisexuality, etc.  I believe in the Word and that the Word is truth.  This book includes 8 key scriptures, along with defining "Divine Intimacy" in marriage, protecting your woman under the covenant of marriage, and identifying your Proverbs 31 woman.  As my Youth pastor said - there are two types of women - ones you marry and ones you don't; and not all men know the difference.  So anyway...AMAZON KINDLE + SEXUALLY WISE! #aCall2Purity

Click here to order your FREE kindle edition now!
If you want the paperback copy itself, you can order it right on the page, simply look on the right side of the page!

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The following clips are a videos I did while writing the books! #pressplay


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