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Friday, January 25, 2019

The Promise of Prosperity: Part II

We're back! Not only with part two of this blog but a complete four weeks straight of blogging. LOL Yes, I'm proud of myself but most importantly thanking the Holy Spirit for helping me to stay consistent!  It is by far the best thing ever to see goals checked off as needed. But anyway, let's just

jump right into this thing. 

Last week, we talked about believing in what some call, "The Gospel Prosperity."  If you haven't read that - stop - like now, and read it here.

Now that that's done with, let me start with a scripture that spoke to me loud and clear and why my expectations are what they are.  I'm so tired of a mindset that is willing to bless/pay for everything except spiritual things.  It's not only unjust but completely not scriptural.  

Let me break down this lie: Matthew 10:8-10
Yeshua (Jesus) sent out His disciples and said gave them very key instructions. 1. Heal the sick.  2. Raise the dead. 3. Cleanse lepers. 4. Cast out demons. Then he says, "Freely you receive, freely give." STOP. Freely you have received what? He is saying, you have been freely given the power to do numbers 1-4; you can't charge people for a power that isn't basically yours.  Example: If I have the power to cast out a demon, I'm not going to say, "It'll be 30 bucks eye to set you free!"  I submit to you that verse 9 does not attach itself to verse 8 but to verse 10! How can I say that?  Because first of all, we see grammatically the use of the word "or" which connects verse 9 and 10 together.  Here we see, if we read the scriptures accurately what is being said; He commands them - "Do not acquire gold, silver, or copper for your money belts (in other words, don't ask for money take your money with you) or a bag for your journey, or even two coats, or sandals, or a staff." What a minute Yeshua! So I'm supposed to go out and do these miracles but not suppose to take ANYTHING with me - no money, no coats, no sandals, etc.? WHY.....?! The answer is found right here in the scripture - "for the worker is worthy of his support."  So if I'm not supposed to be supporting myself, out doing the work of the Lord, "WHO" then is supposed to support me? Yeshua Himself is saying that ministry is WORK and there should be support for those that deliver do the work of the Kingdom.  I'll also add, it's an itself to our Father to be our here struggling, begging people to support you and you're claiming it all in His name! My God!!!! He's the Creator of the UNIVERSE!  No, this principle is HIS divine set up!

Another scriptural text that supports this, and trust me, I've got plenty but I usually leave you with three and then suggest you study the Word and ask for wisdom and revelation on your own; and oh boy I pray that you receive it so that we can run this gospel through the tops of the mountains!   If we continue reading, Matthew 10:40 - 41 states, "He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.  He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward."  That word "reward" is "misthos" (3408) which means pay for service - hire, reward, wages.  

Paul himself was supported through the churches and truthfully told the churches that it was only fair that those who sow spiritually should reap carnally!  This is not to be confused with those that are false (as the Bible warns you of anyway).  What I'm referring to is being under spiritual leadership and not paying tithes or offerings to take care of the house of God that is feeding you.   I have been under leadership for twelve years and no, I have not always tithe.  Those were the worse days for me financially and when I went back and asked God why, He took me right to His Word - to take care of HIS house!  I always, ALWAYS, saw and still see the effects of blessing my church home and my Pastors and Youth Pastors.  My heart grieves because I don't do it to the extent that I want to.  Here are a few things I want to leave you with: 

1. What a pastor can impart into you is life changing and life saving.  It is the Word of God - there is no amount of money that can sustain you (or them) more than the spiritual seeds that they sow.  Therefore, whatever you give has to be given sacrificially and cheerfully because kingdom ministry is work, it is indeed a sacrifice.  It's not about the value of the dollar - but the heart of the sacrifice!  
2. It is obedience to God's Word and aligning yourself to His promises.  You cannot out give God; trust me!  Many times my blessings haven't come through money but pure favor! I've been fed, I've been hired on the spot for a job I didn't even apply for, I've stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels for weekends at no expense; I've had provisions occur that just worked out supernaturally! I could go on and on.  God IS faithful.  ANY time I wasn't giving, I did not see overflow.  Trust me, I have tried God at His Word and I hold HIM to His promises.  You have to be bold and willing enough to trust God at His Word. I'm not done yet.  There are promises in this Word and I want ALL that belong to me, especially if I am sacrificing my life!

3. Did God tell us in any scripture to worry about what they did with the money after it's left your hand? No.  I don't believe He does.  See, once again, this is faith.  You don't care about what any body else does with money that you pay for stuff for except when it comes to the church.  GET OUTTA HERE!  The money should take care of the house of God, (Malachi 3:10).  Lights don't get paid by your "Amen."  And if a church can barely sustain itself, how can it do anything for the community?!  **In the Old Testament, yes the tithes were paid to the Levites in more than just money; but really you are going to use that excuse - here - that only makes for it to be less excuses. (Even here the Levites were the ones that worked in the "church" and taken care of by the tithes!) Are you tithing any of your food stamps, your groceries, your talents, your services, your time, your child support, etc. to your church?

By the way: How is 10% too much for tithes but not enough when a person offers a 10% sale? Hmmm....
4. Be led by God to a Pastor of His heart and trust that God will handle His people.  Don't block your blessings not being a tither or giver to your spiritual house.  Bring God your best, and your first.  People say, "I can't afford to tithe." No, you can't afford not to tithe!

And where it concerns people that use their talents for the kingdom as I do; it is ministry.  I have a gift of teaching, speaking and writing.  I know for a fact that each book has been God inspired and that the burden of this message isn't to go around with handing every book out for free and taking my own money to go and travel the world.  This I know.  He has commanded me that if I trust Him, He will provide.  I'm not expecting angels to bring me supernatural provision through the sky.  I'm expecting Him to align people of faith to book me to speak, to buy these books, and to honor the spirit of God in me; to receive me in the name of who I come in.  It is an insult to the Kingdom of heaven to want everything free from workers of the kingdom, yet we pay for any and everything else.  Those that work for the kingdom of darkness have riches and gain; how much more should we see the favor of God over our lives that sacrifice our lives for the kingdom.  The difference is the matter of the heart.  If God said do it for free - yes, I would.  And I have blessed more people than not with my writings and wisdom.  There is a time for that.  But this is not the season.  This is kingdom business.

And if you don't think God is "business" savvy, you really aren't reading your Word.  I'm going to say that boldly.  Yeshua gave a parable of men with talents.  The men invested in their talents and brought MORE talents. The one that buried his talent - Yeshua called him evil!  The Proverbs 31 woman?  She was a business woman! She owned real estate, she owned vineyards, etc.  She took care of her workers!  There is another scriptural reference that tells you to invest in different currencies and trade overseas.  The Bible even speaks on how we shouldn't be in debt - which almost every one is in! We've been blinded by this system of the world instead of God's system.  They are not the same and we have to choose which we will have faith in. Listen, money is a defense and God always provided for His children!  Go and do some research on money, business, and the Bible.  In the Old Testament, we were not broke! Jesus wasn't broke! He had everything that He needed and what He didn't have - He spoke it to be! Oh how we've been deceived! Our God walks on gold and wants His children starving, broke, indebted, and "robbing Peter to pay Paul."  What kind of God do you think He is?!  I am upset and in a passionate outrage that my Father has been quite misrepresented! And in this season, I am expecting more over my life and the lives of those attached to me for this very reason! 

With the government shutdown active and the U.S. on the verge of an economic collapse - if you are a Christian I suggest you get to using this Word in your life and not only that, aligning yourself with the Word!  The enemy has rights to attack our lives when we give him permission and this includes our money.  I fear for those that have put their trust in their job and not in the promises of God. I've gotta go, feel free to comment yet I'll warn you - I don't debate!  The Word is bond! :) Look forward to next week's blog on "The Crossover!"

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Be blessed! 

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