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Friday, March 8, 2019

Introducing "Zoë Dee": The Tammie Tubbs Show Part 2

Well, here I am again...and still excited.  Even more so I'm excited about this blog series concerning The Tammie Tubbs show.  You'll see here in the vlog how my very first television interview started.

The interview was located nine hours away and though the drive was long, and definitely exhausting - I can say that it was worth it.  We arrived at about 3am in the morning, and were super hungry.  Obviously, we couldn't go to sleep hungry, lol, so we found an IHOP close by.  After that, we checked into the hotel and completely crashed.  We slept about a good five hours before draggin' to get up, but the adrenaline that filled my body in excitement of this interview quickly displaced the fatigue I was feeling.  With it being a small town, I didn't expect to get lost.  *rolls eyes*  Man we passed by the building at least four times, and literally was at least twenty minutes late.   #confused  Smh...but we made it! And when we did, there was already a woman being interviewed and others sitting to the side waiting as well.  The sad part? I was hungry! Massively hungry lol and it didn't look like I was going anywhere anytime soon.  The interviews before me were so full of life that soon enough, it didn't matter.  It wasn't long (or at least didn't seem like it was long) before we were ready.  I was nervous because I had no idea what we'd be talking about, ya know? I'm a speaker, author, and publisher - interviewing me is like just taking a pick, I didn't know what to expect.  Seriously.  Anyway, I didn't want these blogs to be long and drawn out; that's why they're broken down into short vlogs....So come back next week for more! :) 

BUT...because I thank you for your time, I don't want you to leave this blog empty handed!  First, if you haven't check out the intro blog to this experience, you can click here to read that.  During the interview, I mention a few people I work with and I left a few copies of their books with Ms. Tubbs! So each week, during this blog series, we're giving away ONE book! This week's book that we're giving away is my sister, sister Author Shontal Brown's book - "UnWedded Wife."

"Unwedded Wife" is the testimony of a young woman who experienced "marriage" after "marriage" without the actual covenant of "marriage." As each relationship drained her emotionally, she begin to cry out to God. It was at this point that He showed her that she was an "unwedded wife" - committing to men who were spiritually married to her through sex but not legally married to her within her destiny in Him and divine order. Through this book, she shares her testimonies and hopes to speak to other "unwedded wives" - those women who repeat the cycle of long term relationships; submitting to man after man as if they were married. She prays that the Holy Ghost will reveal to the readers their value in Him and ultimately seek Him to unite them with the man of their destiny.

So this week, we're going to give away a free copy of her book! "A" meaning only one... sorry this time it can be only one.  However if you're interested in ordering a copy, you can visit our website link here.  But as for now, all you have to do is screenshot or download the picture below and upload to Facebook with the following caption:

 #unweddedwife *Tag* (@)The Tammie Tubbs Show  -- Click here to visit her page to like and follow!

***UPLOAD the picture below
***CAPTION "#unweddedwife" & TAG The Tammie Tubbs Show
***POST to personal page

will be the recipient of the free title!  

So that's it.  Until next week!

#zoedeespeaks #acall2purity 

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