#aCall2Purity Book Trailer

This week was more than a dream, instead I'd like to say that it is a new lifestyle that I am daring to embrace; or rather part of a call I've been running from.  Either way...

On Saturday, while supporting the book release of Jonasha Quinn (Title: "Set the Captives Free"), I was called to be apart of a panelist discussion.  I won't go much into detail however it was an awesome experience and you can view a small clip of that here (Saving Our Youth).

On Sunday we officially filmed the book trailer for "#aCall2Purity" -
to be released May 29, 2018 on the anniversary on my own personal call to purity.

It was beyond amazing.  The most exciting thing was working with the cast and bringing "vision" to "visuals."  The message?  A visual struggle of a woman between sexual immorality and sexual purity.

Ultimately, "#aCall2Purity" will indeed leave a challenge to viewers and readers as I share my personal testimonies of the power of …

"Source of My Supply"

Shalom!!  What an interesting and spontaneous topic this is because I really do not worry about a blog or anything unless I believe I hear a message.  And just as the evening crept in and I took the time to meditate a little more...I was reminded of a very simple message.  I pray that it blesses you as it blessed me...
So fasten your seat belts for this one!  
I was standing in prayer one morning and was just really thanking my Father for being who He is; all that He is.  And as I focused in on just Him,and the greatness of who He has been to me - not asking for a thing in the world but thanking Him for things that He has promised that have yet to manifest- I simply heard "source of my supply.
Now, I know this was not coming out of my physical mind because my physical (mind) thoughts were contrary to what I was thanking Him for!    I heard my spirit say again, "source of my supply" but this time in a song like way.  And then I remembered!  It really was a song!!  &q…

aCall2Purity: "In Purity"

Wow.  Ok.  

So we're here..."In Purity."
The burning message inside of me and the finale to our study, #aCall2Purity.
*takes deep breath*
And this message is primarily late due to my desire to really be ready but in all honestly, I never am truly ready.  Anyway...I dare not play with my Father by not releasing this blog!  (Bear with me as I'm still trying to keep from running from this assignment! LOL)  Now being that this is the final part of this study, if you haven't read the first four- you can take a break from this one nowand read about being an example "In Word""In Conversation""In Love", and "In Faith"!  
If you're joining from the previous weeks and already caught up, let's go ahead and dig into it!
As always...let's begin with the study of the word in the context of this scripture. 
For 1 Timothy 4:12, Strong's references the Greek word ἁγνείαhagneía, hag-ni'-ah; from G53; cleanliness (the qualit…

#aCall2Purity: "In Faith"

First, I definitely apologize for the day's delay in our schedule.  But carrying on...

As we continue to study the key scripture 1 Timothy 4:12, it seems like this scripture went from the lightest to heaviest, in the terms weight.
So if you're just joining us, make sure you check out the last two blogs where we talk about being an example in WORD , CONVERSATION. and in LOVE.  This one though.  This one probably deserves a complete thorough study, or at least more than one part so let's just see where the Lord is going to take us on this one.

Faith.  It is defined in the scripture (Hebrews 11:1) as the "evidence of things not seen."  Understand that everything that we see manifested in the natural realm first was determined in the spirit realm.  We talked last week on how the Most High spoke things into existence.  What we didn't say was that there had to have been a particular faith in the authority of His Words in order for it to manifest.  
We are not only call…