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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Hot Topic Tuesday: "My Daddy Was R. Kelly Too"

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The Bible says that we are "born in sin and shaped in iniquity."  Born. in. sin. Born in things that automatically separate us from the presence of God.  Shaped in iniquity.  Shaped, formed, imprinted by the characteristics that continually leave a line of ways, thoughts, and behaviors that are not pleasing to God.  

The things that R. Kelly have been accused of are things that our culture has suffered from year after year, generation after generation but we have enabled them because I don't believe we like accepting truth.  So let me tell you my truth.  I was born in the sin of statutory rape.  My father was 18, when I was conceived.  My mother, 12.  By the time I was born, my father was just turning 19 (I was born a day after my daddy), and my mother had turned 13 a month before.  

I could call him sick,  I could call him perverted.  I could call him all the things that you have called R. Kelly.  I could say someone should have been protecting my mother from "this predator". But where were they?  Where was her mother?  Where were her brothers? Sisters? Aunts? Uncles?  Who was there to protect this child from a grown man?  I could be outraged in anger and I'm pretty sure she has wondered the same for herself many times.  If you didn't know my family history you'd judge my grandmother.  And well, because I don't feel the need to defend her to my audience, you can think as you may.  Moving on, I could also say someone should have been protecting my daddy too though.  Where was his guidance?  Who had him covered?  Who cared enough to be the influence in his life?  See.  But you wouldn't give too much sympathy to him because you wouldn't expect him to be the victim.  Why not?  When something in him was perverted enough in nature to sleep with and father seeds with underage girls?  But maybe he didn't see anything wrong with it?!  Maybe that's all he saw his daddy or his uncles do?!  Maybe my mama didn't see anything wrong with it because her father was an "R. Kelly" too!

See...When you open a box like this you have to take into account all parties involved.  We are so blinded in the entertainment delivery of real life issues! More than anything, we have to take into account that in many families this has been generational.  Our families have been birthed through older men marrying younger women and producing with them.  Does it make it right because they were married?  Or do we color blind right from wrong.  My grandmother had an "R. Kelly" thirty years years older than her.  I don't know if her grandmother did or not.  I don't know if my grandfather was an "R. Kelly" or not, or my great uncles or whatever.  But listen, by way of the "Sexual Skeletons" passed to me, I dated an "R. Kelly." as well.  He was legally only a margin older - barely!! I had "R. Kelly's" pursue and with money and power.  I also had the fear of being with grown, grown men because see my mother's voice always fed that warning.  Yet that didn't stop me from playing within the "margin", that gray area.

So you see, as Da T.R.U.T.H. says "You know when the seed of the farmer can affect the seed of his daughter."  If you search the scriptures you will find that being "born in sin" and "shaped in iniquity" are not just terms!  I won't victimize my mother without victimizing my father.  They both suffered consequences of past generations.  I too, have suffered from generational sexual perversions.  The only difference now is I've asked questions and I've spoken out.  I have not made one person's flaw bigger than the other.  I don't support any of it.  Let me clear that up.  But just because I don't support it doesn't stop it from happening so my key question to God, "Why? And how do we make it stop?!"  

Being in Yeshua (Christ), I have learned what was passed along to me by the demons I faced and I have taken authority over by the blood of Jesus and freed myself from those curses, it's consequences, and it's manipulation over my seed.  That's the only true answer.  My daddy, along with R. Kelly, could have been locked up.  Maybe he could be put in a mental institute.  People call him sick.  Where were is his doctor?!  But at one point do either of those solutions deal with the demons that have run rampant in his life!? We're Bible believers?  The Word says the battle is spiritual and not carnal.  We look for quick natural answers out of heated passion.  We judge and condemn people not understanding the the same judgement can come back on you!  People, we have to be careful. 

Sexual sins are real.  Sexual demons are real.  Sexual perversion is real.  Sex addictions are real.  And you can't jail a demon.  Believe it or not, and I knooooooooooooooowwwww that some of y'all are gonna want to curse me out and whatever else but our Father God loves R. Kelly just as He loves anyone else.  He loves R. Kelly just as much as he loves you at your worst behavior.  There is no greater sin than the other - they just have different consequences.  We are hypocritical in who mercy goes to but my Word says His mercies are new everyday!  Yet. Now, I do recall a scripture that says that God will turn you over to a reprobate mind.  The more we indulge in sin and reject the truth, then yes, we live a lifestyle of our own will.  R. Kelly isn't the only one who does it; we all do until (hopefully) something happens that brings us back to the Father.  This is the reason many are lost in the lifestyle of homosexuality and convince themselves it's God will because they are numb to their convictions.  Does God love the homosexual, yes but that is NOT. HIS. WILL.  But you won't address that YET if we're being honest it does affect our children, and generations after.  You also won't address that many homosexuals began with inappropriate touching, and most of the time it was in the family.  Bisexuality was my demon until a year ago - and it begin right underneath the covers at my grandma house with my cousin.   This is MY truth! Yes, these are my "skeletons".  My deliverance, at the feet of Yeshua, being physically purged by His fire.  That day of "My Fire Experience" (Click here to read) I was set free from lusting from women, among other things.

And if we can be honest, this is the truth of many who have turned to a lifestyle of perversion because they don't know why they are the way they are and it's much simpler to stop fighting the urges.  This is the truth of many of our grandfathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.  R. Kelly was given the foundation of power and money to stand on and allegedly silence his victims.  But what has silenced you in your family?  For me? It was shame.  Until I realized that if I continued to keep quiet then it may happen to the next generation, and further than that.  And I couldn't stomach the idea of my daughters experiencing my guilt and shame.  We had "sexual skeletons" that many didn't want to talk about; still don't.  But they exist.  I ask this, if you're so outraged at R. Kelly's alleged victims, why are you not outraged for your own family members?  Or your friend's family members?  What about these children that are growing up with perverted cousins and "godmothers/godfathers."  We need wisdom, healing, and we need a revival.  I know that this is the primary nature of the book "Sexual Skeletons" because it deals with the foundations of all things issues we love to talk about when it's somebody else's but not ours.  Because of that, many will try to look the other way at these truths and only highlight them if they're someone else's truth.  If the documentary Surviving R. Kelly did anything, it should make us start asking questions and most importantly start repenting for our forefathers and start covering our own children and HIS children; and the children of those women!  I grieve at the thought of this nature being brought upon his children and their children; again, the consequences of sexual sin visit even unto the tenth generation!!! 

If you're interested in reading "Sexual Skeletons" (which studies sexual generational curses) for your own freedom and the freedom of your family, click here.  You can also check out the ebook for a very limited time on January 9 (12am PST) for free by clicking here.  There's also a sale for all three books in this series, "#aCall2Purity, Sexually Wise, and Sexual Skeletons" and you can order those here.

We keep looking for answers, they're in the Word!  If you reject the Word, you reject the solution to our problems!  R. Kelly needs deliverance if all these things are true but so do we.  Turn the television off, get on your knees and pray for him along with your own family and friends!  

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