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Monday, February 18, 2019

What's The Price for Freedom?


It's official.  It's out.  And as I reflect back on the launch of this book, it means more to me than the other books.  See, the other books were more like "I'm telling my story, and you're following" right?  I mean I know that through my story, people will be reached through the power of the Holy Spirit.  But...  They weren't really....really, interactive ya know?  This one though?  This one is different because it's a little more intense.  It challenges my readers to look in the mirror.  It challenges them to the depth of their past, present, and future.  It challenges their relationships with everyone, including the Lord.  It challenges them to hold themselves accountable to emotional and spiritual freedom.  So, anyway.  I had a total of four beta readers but...As of now, I have only one review as you can see but I'm expecting more to roll in.  I know that it's something that was written from the Father; that's the stance that I take on it and I  continue to believe that this book is for a specific audience who need have a specific emotional and spiritual need.  I loved how the Father connected with his readers in it.  I say at this point - it's not my book, I'm simply the vessel that was chosen to carry the message.  It's not the easiest message I might add, but it is one that I know will outlive me because it stands on the eternal Word of God - it cannot fail.  I believe that just as He told Jeremiah, this Word will be watched over by Him as He performs the very task it was sent to do!  Here's to freedom! :)  Oh, so what's the price for freedom?  Just my life. :)  

By the way, if you're interested in any of the previous titles, they can all be found right here on the website! 
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