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Friday, March 1, 2019

Introducing "Zoë Dee": The Tammie Tubbs Show Part 1

What an EVENTFUL week!! And now, I can get the time to embrace the feeling.  A few months back, I was really waiting on the "next" move.  As a publisher, I'd published my last client's title and then another one of my own.  I hadn't been booked for another speaking event and I was really in a faith pity party.  Like a little girl saying, "Daddy but you saaaaaaaiiiiidddd."  But let me tell you - when you know the only thing in your best interest is to stay in His presence, you don't go out and make your own moves! OK! #lessons LOL....So I patiently waited for something to put the hands to work - big and small scale.  One morning I woke up to a notification - it was an invitation to be a guest on "The Tammie Tubbs Show."  Let me tell you what an honor this is.  First of all, Tammie published a book with me entitled "I Survived...Death, Depression, & Divorce."  The interesting thing?  I met Ms. Tammie Tubbs through another sister who I published also! From the first conversation we had, it was powerful! She overflows with encouraging words, effortlessly. As we went through the process of publishing her book, others that loved and trust her, entrusted our publishing company to publish their works.  Among those are "My Silent Cry",  "Blinded & Blind" by Renae Dickerson and "Another Level" by Tyson Thompson (visit here to see these titles).


Ms. Tubbs is not only an author and television host, she is a minister who is well known in the community and state for speaking life changing messages into women as well as and hosting life changing event!  She has a passion for youth as well.  Aside from that, she was nominated for the Gulf Coast Music Awards TV Personality category and voted as one of Mississippi's most influential African American women of the year.  There are so many accolades I could continue to name but the point is, she is indeed a phenomenal woman who I believe God is using to change lives!  She is the epitome of grace, love, and encouragement.  As I visited her set and watched her interview others before me, one thing that I loved about the other interviews was she gave people the freedom to tell people about the goodness of God, and how He changed their lives.  In a world where being a "Jesus" follower isn't always too popular, she allowed her guests to flow with wisdom.  She interacted with her guest with a joyful spirit, a humble attitude, and (as the Bible would say) a quiet spirit.  I won't go too much more into my experience but definitely look forward to next week's blog, which will include a vlog! I'm so excited!  Until then, be sure to follow Tammie Tubbs on Facebook and even visit her website here.

Until next week :)... you can read last week's blog What's the Price for Freedom (click title).  #happyreading

Oh! Wait! Also, next week we'll be giving away a copy of "My Silent Cry," "UnWedded Wife," and "#aCall2Purity"!  Don't miss it! :)

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